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Our history

a reinvention of contemporary femininity.

Camille Prévost, Camille Vost's founder

“Camille Vost is above all a story of women, for women. This is the story of a brand born in New York when I got to live my American dream almost 5 years ago, and where I was working as a stylist for Diane Von Furstenberg and The Row. The desire to pursue my dreams by creating this brand was fueled in particular by an infinite love for art transmitted by my amateur parents, which I have cultivated since my childhood.


Passionate about leatherwork, my love for beautiful materials and the creation of unique leather goods, I was keen to create more than a simple accessory so that each woman could, through timeless yet personal pieces assert her personality.


Inspired by my loved ones, but also by my surroundings, each design has a name inspired by a person dear to my heart, and a story of its own.


Extremely attached to the know-how and authenticity that Europe offers, I came back to pursue the adventure in Paris, and thus placed the brand at the heart of a more ethical approach by promoting short circuits and quality raw materials.


Around me, a small team made up of women driven by the same dream, to offer creations with a sustainable and excellent know-how for a fair price tag thanks to a limited production.


And because each woman is unique, we are committed to create designs that resemble you and that best reflect your uniqueness."

Camille Vost is a celebration of contemporary femininity with the ambition to

revolutionize the world of fine leather goods

through creations dreamed of 

to accompany you, for a long time.